Greenbushes Primary School

"Learning for Life"

Providing every student with the opportunity to achieve academic success, by taking an holistic approach and working in partnership with the school community.

Greenbushes Primary School caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6, as well as providing a pre-kindy, school readiness program, in collaboration with the Greenbushes Playgroup.

Our picturesque school and community provide the perfect blend of natural, historical and modern facilities, delivering opportunities to students across a range of academic and non-academic endeavours. Being an integral part of a small, tight-knit and supportive community, Greenbushes Primary School provides an educational setting in which your child will thrive. Our students build close, life-long friendships that encourage academic, social, emotional and physical growth.

Greenbushes students enjoy small class sizes with highly experienced teachers and support staff who are focused on each child's individual needs, particularly in developing literacy and numeracy skills. The school's involvement in the Fogarty EDvance Program 2020-2022, which has been generously sponsored by Talison Lithium, will see additional support, resourcing and professional learning opportunities provided to staff, to maximise educational outcomes for students.

At Greenbushes, children connect to the real world during their schooling. Strong partnerships with community groups and the local mining industry, through which many of our families are employed, ensure our students are regularly provided with exposure to STEM in authentic contexts. The school's annual Science Fair, supported by Talison Lithium and community groups such as the Blackwood Basin Group, is a real highlight for students and families, as are tours of the mine site and visits to Schwenkes Dam to undertake macro-invertebrate study.

Partnerships with the mine, its contractors and other community groups, provide sponsorship for additional services and facilities, well beyond what would otherwise be expected within such a small school. Some of the ways in which our students benefit through these partnerships include access to a specialist Visual Art program, an extensive, purpose-renovated school library, access to state-of-the-art technology such as modern computing facilities, interactive projectors and 3D printers, and visits from international guests such as cyclists on the world circuit.

Community is key at our school, with involvement in local events, a priority on the yearly calendar. Our students proudly host, participate in and attend activities for ANZAC Day, NAIDOC Week, Clean Up Australia Day, National Tree Planting and Remembrance Day - to name a few. In addition, weekly 'community' sessions see our students contributing to the local area in other meaningful ways, such as through weeding at the Community Garden, regular litter pick-up throughout the town, and revitalisation of the local skate park, through a 'Colour Splash' project.

Greenbushes students are provided with regular opportunities to access specialist sporting coaches, through the support of the Sporting Schools program. And, as a result of specialist training, our students are able to compete in district-level competitions in sports such as cricket, minkey hockey, soccer, netball and athletics.

Our staff and students know each other and support one another - that's the Greenbushes way. Pastoral care is highly regarded at our school, where we are proactive in supporting every child. Initiatives such as our breakfast club and chaplaincy program support each child's emotional growth and well-being.

An active P&C Association supports students through fundraising and 'Busy Bee' initiatives, and our School Council plays an integral role in understanding and promoting the school within the community. Greenbushes staff work closely with these groups so that their support enriches every child's education and champions their learning experience.

Students have access to transport to and from school through school bus services.

Get in touch with us for a chat or to come in for a visit. We'll be happy to show you how your child can thrive at Greenbushes Primary School.

Our staff

2022 Staff


Mr Chris Mott

Manager Corporate Services

Mrs Louise Rodgers

School Officer

Mrs Natalie Aldridge

Teacher - Kindy - PP

Mrs Melissa Reimers

Education Assistant - Kindy

Ms Jennie Fraser

Teacher - Year 1&2

Mrs Anne Giblett

Education Assistant - Year 1&2

Ms Sue Pember

Teacher - Year 3&4

Mrs Rebecca Welsh

Education Assistant - Year 3 - 4

Mrs Lisa McLaughlin

Teacher - Year 5&6

Mrs Adelaide Evans

Education Assistant - Multi Lit

Ms Denise Calver

Specialist Teachers -

Drama & Lote (AUSLAN) - Ms Deb Penney

Health & Phys Ed - Mr Scott Tweedie

School Chaplain

Mrs Lynley Horlock


Ms Andrea Barker


Mrs Elizabeth Bennett



Greenbushes Primary School is proud to partner with Talison Lithium, to engage in the Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program 2020 - 2022.